Q - Do I supply my own lock?
A - Yes, we do not supply locks, you have total ownership and control with your own lock and key.

Q - Does NHMS provide content insurance?
A - No, the contents of your rental unit is under your supervision and ownership thus you must have your own insurance.

Q - Does NHMS supply/sell packing material, rental trailers and/or vans or trucks?
A - We are strictly a indoor/outdoor storage facility. We do not sell and or rent packing material or transportation means.

Q - Can I change rental units at anytime during my committed rental period?
A - You can move to a larger unit at anytime ant the difference for the larger unit will take effect the day you move in. If you decide to down size, then the rate you currently pay will remain in place until the next rental period of the newly moved into smaller unit.

Q - Are your prices negotiable?
A - No, we have taken great care to ensure we offer a outstanding renters experience coupled with a very competitive pricing structure.

Q - If I park my boat/trailer or RV for the winter can I gain access?
A - No, once you park your vehicle and the snow arrives it is there for the duration. If you do require it, it is upon you to dig to out.

Q - What happens if I lose my key?
A - With our policy of you owning your our lock it is your responsibility to source another key and/or cut your lock off.

Q - Do you charge per week?
A - All outdoor and indoor storage is billed monthly, you must commit for a full month at a time. If you leave sooner there is no rebate.   

Q - Can I gain access before or after 7AM - 9PM?
A - For the security for all the hours are limited, but still there is sufficient time to access your unit seven days a week during the posted hours. All units are armed after hours.

Q - What can I not store in my unit?
A - Several items cannot be stored in your rental unit. These include liquids, flammable material, explosives and other hazardous materials. Perishables should never be stored. They will attract unwanted visitors and will eventually perish and may cause damage and unnecessary odor.

Q - What types of payments are accepted?
A - We accept all major credit cards. We prefer VISA and Mastercard. We also accept e transfer. We prefer not to accept cheques unless prepaying for a number of months. We do not accept cash.

Q - Are there late fees if I don't pay on time?
A - Unlike others, at NHMS we considered our clients as family and understand sometime one forgets and/or other things happen. In this case we are understanding if you are a little late, but the monthly charge to remain must be paid.

Q - Are there any discounts if I rent more than one unit?
A - Due to the demand and only having so many units available we do not offer multi unit discounts.

Q - Any discounts if I rent for a longer period?
A - If you commit to one year, a one month free will be applied.

Q - If I have a question, concern or merely to provide feedback how do I reach management?
A - There are two methods to reach us, you can call 1-705-405-2058 or email info@newhorizonministorage.com.

Q - Can I gain access to my storage unit during the winter?
A - Yes, absolutely. Snowplowing is conducted when required.

Q - Who shovels the snow from in front of my unit?
A - We subcontract the snow removal out to a company that specializes in snow removal. They do their best to get all the snow cleared.

Q - What happens if I don't pay my rental on time?
A - We understand there are times where you may be late, but we do expect payment. If you are not paid after 10 days you gate code will be disabled until full payment is made. If payment is not received within 30 days then your lock will be removed and we will place a lock on the unit and will only be removed when full payment is made. We sincerely hope we don't have to resort to such measures, But we are a business.